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Forestry Services

A professional approach to silviculture

Landowners of today are well aware of the value of the natural resources that they own as well as the need to respect the environment.  Cannonsville Lumber is just as sensitive to this criteria and strives to strike a balance between the two.  Well trained and experienced foresters work hand in hand with landowners to achieve the exact goals desired.  Whether a job is 10 acres or 1000 acres the same principles of sound harvesting practices coupled with environmentally sensible logging always apply. We at Cannonsville Lumber have been working and living in the Catskill forest region for years. Our respect for the forest and experience in harvesting operations has built a legacy of trust with landowners.  If you have any thoughts of harvesting even a small portion of your timber call us today.  Our professional staff will be at your service.


Timely delivery of materials for our customers at Cannonsville Lumber is critical.  A large fleet of container trucks, flatbeds and log trucks ensure the flow.  It is always reassuring to landowners to see their timber moving out quickly and efficiently. Industrial users also are at ease knowing that Cannonsville Lumber will always deliver the lumber their factory needs in a timely manner.

*Educational Mill tours are available upon request for your group or organization. Call to make arrangements*

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