Green Lumber

At Cannonsville we produce about 20,000 board feet of rough cut lumber each day.  This is equivalent to nearly 3 tractor trailer loads of lumber.  Most of this lumber is shipped to industrial accounts for manufacturing into furniture and cabinetry.  Some of the lumber is retained for our specialty product and pallets division.


Our stakes are used for gardening, surveying, Silt fencing, and holding hay bales in place for environmental protection. We currently make stakes from two to four feet long and up to two inches square. If you need stakes call us and we will make them for you.


Round bales, square bales, Mulch


We primarily build pallets for the local Bluestone industry.  These pallets are built out of hardwood lumber to ensure strength and durability. We can build custom pallets to suit your needs..

Specialty Lumber

We have air dried specialty lumber.  Species include Walnut, Cherry, Pine, Hemlock, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Curly Soft Maple, White Oak and Red Oak. Other species may become available in the future.      

Blocking & Timbers

Blocking and timbers of different dimensions are used by many industries.  We can make blocking and timbers to suit your needs.  Stock 4″x6″x RL.

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